Top UK Online Casinos Accepting American Express

American Express (AMEX) is a credit card that many people have, but not all online gaming sites accept. Instead of allowing you to find a great site, only to find it doesn’t take the card you want to use, we have put together a list for you of our favorites that do. (Currently most UK online casinos do not take Amex as payment, however as soon as we find a UK whitelisted casino that does we will post it here.)

American Express (AMEX) Casinos

While owning and American Express card may seem like a great asset to your credit, not all retailers or online sites would feel the same way. This particular card company charges quite a bit more to retailers than other credit cards do, so casinos tend to make significantly less off of players using this card type for their accounts than for others. The small few that do accept this card have earned a spot in a special list. Accepting American Express is just a small reason to consider the casinos on the list. All of them still had to comply and fit the criteria of our other categories, and had to have a high rating from those who have already played there.

The Nice Thing About AMEX, Online Casinos That Pay Back

The casinos that we love that accept American Express cards certainly do not scrimp on the types and amounts of bonuses that they offer any of their clients, and certainly don’t discriminate based on the credit card used for payment. American Express cardholders also have the ability to access their funds immediately, no matter where you are playing from. There is no wait period or hold time issued by AmEx, but you may want to check with the site, as there are some that will only allow you to use it for making deposits only, and not withdrawals. Also be sure to have any necessary paperwork on hand to verify that you are the card owner when using any online gaming site.

100 Years of Stable Credit Transactions

American Express is one of the oldest and most well-known credit card companies worldwide. Having their card attached to any online gaming site automatically makes them more accredited just by association. There are many benefits to having an American Express card, as well as being a retailer or business owner that accepts them. More customers and clients will be willing to play in that casino, regardless of whether or not they are an American Express cardholder because of the sense of security that clients will have, as well as more deposit methods available.

UK Takes on American Express

The American Express card is only available to people who live in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that players in the UK can’t benefit from what it means. This card carries a high face value, and people all over the world understand what it means when a business anywhere in the world accept it. If you ever have the opportunity to apply for one of these cards, it is highly recommended that you do so. Likewise if you have any friends or family members with one that are interested in online gaming; they may have the opportunity to apply for additional bonuses as an added perk for being a member.

The Online Casinos That Accept AMEX

It can be quite disappointing to go through all the legwork of finding a reputable casino that you are quite fond of, only to find that you will not be able to use the credit card of your choosing. Instead of repeating this horrid dream time and time again, take a gander at our special catalogue to see which of them fit your fancy.

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