Privacy Statement

In response to the privacy of every user, the website and owners state that information obtained will not require personal information and is free to browse.


At, there is a guarantee that we will not solicit or spam any emails. There are numerous tools that are used to avoid the issue of spam. Emails received through our newsletter will never be sold to any third party nor made public without consent from the other party. Any email that is sent or received by this site will be legally binding.


Browsing and Cookies

While using this site no cookies will be stored with the user’s personal data and browsing information. Cookies that come from the casinos are under their privacy policies and will not be from this site. Access will be granted even if visitors do not allow for the cookies to be stored within their computers. 


Information Sharing

No information will be collected from the users of this site or their browsers without their consent. This site will not give any information obtained through any means of selling, renting, or releasing the information unless a law enforcement agency has subpoenaed the information. 

Policy Changes

The right to change the policy in anyway and at any time is held by this site, with the respect that in normal circumstances a day notice will be given to all users. 


Credit Cards

No credit card information will be stored or asked for. If it is requested then it will be assured that the information will not be saved on the site. 

If any of these conditions are not being upheld or need to be updated, please email us at


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