Top UK Online Casinos

In an effort to help our customers make a well-informed decision in choosing an online casino, we have catalogued many of them for you based on certain criteria, like customer service, high quality graphics and an overall good experience.



Rank UK Online Casino Welcome Bonus Payout % UK Players Instant Download Rating Review
1 BGO Casino Find Out More £400 98.7 UK Download Now! 9.8 Voted Top Casino
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2 SSlots Heaven Find Out More £400 98.5 UK Download Now! 9.7 UK Trusted Casino
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3 Visit 888 Casino Find Out More £200 97.9 UK Download Now! 9.7 Best VIP Rewards
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4 Visit Royal Vega Find Out More £250 97.9 UK Download Now! 9.6 Top Progressives
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5 William Hill Casino Find Out More £150 97.9 UK Download Now! 9.6 Top UK Casino
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6 Visit Eurogrand Casino Find Out More £300 97.5 UK Download Now! 9.6 Top Bonuses
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7 Visit Winner Casino Find Out More £250 97.2 UK Download Now! 9.5 Friendly Support
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8 Visit Mr Green Casino Find Out More £250 96.5 UK Download Now! 9.3 Best Graphics
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9 Visit Gala Casino Find Out More £200 96.3 UK Download Now! 9.2 Top Poker Games
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10 Visit BetFair Casino Find Out More £200 96.2 UK Download Now! 8.9 Big Jackpots
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What Makes a Top UK Online Casino?

Everyone has their own ideas as to what makes something great, but there seems to be a recurring theme when it comes to several different areas. Just about everyone asked believes that a high payout percentage and bonuses play a factor into earning a top ranking, as well as their customer service standards, the quality of their graphics and whether they accept players from outside of the UK or not. Our catalogue combines these criteria, as well as some others, and gives you listings on what we feel are the best casinos.

Top Online Casino Ratings

Each casino is rated in the different categories, and is also given an Overall Rating based off of these. It is this Overall Rating that is used when ranking the casino on our Top Ten List. When we were creating our criteria, we agreed that not all categories would be weighed equally, and always in favor of the player versus the casino. This is especially the case when you look out the Payout Percentage category. A low percentage earns a low rating from us, but would be given a higher ranking from the casino’s standpoint, as it means more profit for them.

While our staff ratings are important to our catalogue, the reviews made by our users are even more important. In order to provide you with the most accurate listing possible, it is imperative that we receive your feedback, both positive and negative, when it comes to any of the casinos on our list, or any others that you think are worthy of a look.

Bonuses, Promotions and Other Ways Casinos Keep Players Interested

Although a casino’s sole purpose for existing is to make money, they have to have customers to achieve that task. There are several different ways that they have found to be successful. One of the easiest ways to attract new players is by offering something for free. Sometimes it’s free games, which are especially nice for those new to online casinos.

Another freebie that can be earned is in the form of promotions and bonuses. Casinos are notorious for offering free money for new players with little to no stipulations attached. In most cases, you need to do nothing more than create a new player account and receive anywhere from £5 to £50 in free money.

The introduction of new games is also imperative to keeping current players interested. Even if it is the same type of game that they already enjoy, new graphics and themes can make it more interesting. A new type of wild card challenge can also make a game more attractive to players.
Most casinos are very good about introducing these games every month or so. It’s not uncommon for them to adhere to a fairly strict schedule, like the first of each month or every other month, depending on what games and what kinds of games came out recently.

The promotions that are offered can also change frequently. There are usually various weekly challenges, as well as monthly promotions that are offered. Some sites have additional ones that are themed to the holidays that may be coming up also. Each site has their own specific schedule they follow, and they may not advertise them all, so be sure to check the promotions page often.

Customer Service

One of the most important things a player can look for in an online casino is their customer service. After all, if you are having problems with anything, you’ll want to be able to speak to a representative. Each company has different customer service hours, but the most sought after ones are those who choose to be available all the time.

Online access to a representative can also be beneficial, specifically when there is a long wait time over the phone. There are also many casino sites that are choosing to go with a knowledge based area and FAQ section that is open for all players to not only search for answers to their questions but to help answer others as well.